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Current Projects

Timeliness, efficiency and safety are incorporated with professional integrity as we serve you in accordance with all federal, state, and CDC guidelines.  
Transportation &
 Delivery Service
8765 Spring Cypress Rd., #175

Spring, TX  77379

Contact below to schedule service for NEMT or goods delivery pickup: 


By Calling:   


Or Click:, for TX

Current Projects...

Community Transportation

and Delivery Service  

We serve the greater Houston, TX area and are excited to offer an on-demand 24Hr notification request for our goods delivery service and a 48Hr ride pickup request for our Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) service. Requests are submitted by phone, by calling 346-337-1984 or using our online trip planner on our website at:  We will have special accommodations for our seniors, veterans and disabled clients.  Timeliness, efficiency, and safety are incorporated with integrity as we serve you in accordance with all federal, state, and CDC guidelines.  

Transportation for our clients is crucial to ensure access to essential services for such appointments as: Non-emergency medical, shopping, pharmacy, meal sites, social activities etc. The availability of adequate transportation enables our clients to live independently within their community, helps to prevent isolation

and the possible need for long-term care placement

Our NEMT service facilitates access to care for individuals who otherwise

may not have a reliable affordable means of getting to health care appointments.

NEMT also assists people with disabilities who have frequent

appointments and people who have limited public transit options and

long travel times to health care providers, such as those residing

in lower income urban and rural communities.

We welcome the opportunity to pick you up soon.

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