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Past Events:  TX

Loving Living Local... community events and organizational gatherings, etc...

Community Events

To all our speakers, special guests, dignitaries, and our attending guests, we thank you for making our event a special occasion.  We are also grateful to Rev. Dr. Janice Gilbert for allowing us to host our event at Blueridge Global Methodist Church.




1.  Mrs. Walls - Guest and Rev. Dr. Janice Gilbert -       
     Senior Pastor, Blueridge Global Methodist Church

2.  Daphne Ford – Volunteer Director,  Sharran Garrett and                    Carol Pitts - CHRC Founder

3.  Daphne Ford – Volunteer Director, Min. Lula O. Hayden -          Blueridge Global Methodist Church, and Carol Pitts - 
      CHRC Founder






4.   ​Dr. Carla Wyatt - Harris County Treasurer and Rev. Dr. Janice         

      Gilbert - Senior Pastor, Blueridge Global Methodist Church

5.   Daphne Ford – Volunteer Director, Dr. Carla Wyatt - Harris County

      Treasurer, and Carol Pitts - CHRC Founder


6.   Rev. Dr. Mary Higgings

7.   Mr. Vern &  Darolyn Davis - Sponsor

8.  Carol Pitts - Founder CHRC , Anita Robinson - Community Liaison,         and Dr. Willie Mae Lewis - Founder of Imani Faith Health


TSU - CHRC Mary Higgins and Daphne Ford.jpg 2.jpg

CHRC and TCU mascots

TSU rep Hakeem Jeffries and Michael Harris

TSU - CHRC Mary Higgins and Daphne Ford.jpg

CHRC attending TSU function.

Stepping Out on Faith Acres of Angels.jpg

Dr. Mary Higgins of CHRC

Congresswoman Shelia Jackson-Lee

Blueridge Fun Day 2.jpg

Blueridge Fun Day

Blueridge Funday.jpg
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