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What is the emotional and physical impact of care-giving?

Many people soon discover that the responsibility of taking care of loved ones involves more than caring for the loved one's physical needs. As you will learn, it involves their psychological needs as well. And most importantly, if you are your loved ones only caregiver, your personal physical, mental and emotional health needs are just as important as the person you are caring for. These tasks must both be handled simultaneously. You cannot neglect yourself. Or it will be challenging as you try to properly care for your loved one.

Assess the needs and determine the type of care that's medically necessary for your loved one. Whether care will be provided in a home-setting or a medical facility, should be guided by their physician. Then discuss the matter with your loved one to determine how you can incorporate as much as you can, their personal desires. But remember you are establishing a medical care plan that's best-suited for them. Moreover, some decisions will have to be made by you for them, in order to provide the best care needed for them. Caring for an adult, especially a parent, can be challenging but there are resource tools that will be helpful. If you have other family members who are willing, available and able to assist you with your loved one's care , shared responsibilities is the best way to begin this endeavor. Read more at Care Giver Warrior.

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