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Community Health Resource Center

'Bridging the gaps, to meet the needs of children and their families.'

Community Health Resource Center, Inc. (CHRC), a non-profit 501(c)3 organization

We are family-centered wholistic care service organization, established in 1999. We've design our objectives based upon the needs of our client families.  In addition to our research, we collaborate with health care practitioners, other service organizations, consultants and business owners, to offer the most comprehensive strategies to meet your healthcare resource challenges, and in combination with our goals. It's with respect and dignity that we listen to and honor our client family choices and perspectives.  We gladly offer our services in two locations, the Houston, Texas metroplex and St. Helena and the Florida Parishes of Louisiana. Scroll down and read more to acquire additional information about what we offer.

American Soldiers
Senior Woman

We believe the children are our future and they

have to be nurtured and shaped to be

compassionate, productive  citizens.

Seniors are our wisdom from the past, who poured into us the knowledge to accomplish milestones, provided safety, shelter and provisions to meet our needs. We believe it is our duty to provide thoughtful

and compassionate care for them. 

Young adult
Disabled, Veteran


The mission of Community Health Resource Center, is to provide the essential services for the stimulation of socio-economic, health and educational growth of individuals and families of greater Houston, TX and the rural community of St. Helena and Florida Parishes, LA.


 A vibrant community of families being positively enriched by impactful services provided by CHRC.  Resulting in our residents acquiring the necessary resources to improve their life skills and health outcomes.



  • Develop and establish a community center for the purpose of providing:

1)  Access to Communal Resources

2)  Health & Nutrition Education 

3)  Counseling

4)  Case Management

5)  Job Readiness and Job Search Assistance

6)  Onsite Childcare

7)  Onsite Training  

Kids Playing Tug of War
young girl

We are a family-centered wholistic care
service organization, whose purpose is to
bridge the gaps to 
acquire the necessary
resources to improve our client community
life skills and health outcomes.

Grandpa and Grandchild Having Fun

"It's easier to build a strong child,

than heal a broken adult."

-Fredrick Douglas-

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